Friday, Friday, Friday!


DaveyC & Prism
The Animal Crakcers
Disco Joe
DJ Worldpeace
DJ Simo
DJ Fursur
Briz Rain
Trademark Aaron
BMX/Red Bull
Erik Barnum
The Natives
Eazy El Loco
Mason Crowe



Mike Posner
Cal Scruby
CJ Townsend
Black Signal
DJ Donkis
DJ Magnificent
DJ Sinceer
PRJR & Fleauxx
DJ Drowsy
Valley High
Buggs Tha Rocka
Santino Corleon
Those Guys
Big Cam
Nick Youngerman


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You MUST wear your wrist band every time you expect to reenter. Wristbands are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be replaced. They cannot be removed and must be worn both days to allow entry. Please don’t remove, stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way or you will not be allowed entry. Just keep it on your wrist the whole weekend and you’ll have no problems of losing it etc.


Ubahn is a two-day festival under the streets of Cincinnati. The electronic and hip-hop genre based event features two stages of live entertainment in the transit tunnel underneath 2nd Street.


DATE: November 15–16
TIME: 7pm-2am

Rules & Safety

- Guests and their belongings are subject to search upon entry or re-entry. You can help
keep the lines moving quickly by leaving large bags at home.
- No unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed. No unauthorized solicitations, handbills,
sampling, give-aways, etc.

Don't Bring These Things

The following items will be confiscated at the entrance and not returned to the owner.
We don't want them, so don't bring them.
- Weapons of any kind, including fireworks or explosives of any kind
- Illegal or illicit substances of any kind
- Large backpacks (framed, hiking backpacks, etc.)
- Hard-sided coolers
- Glass containers and metal aerosol cans, including sunscreen in aerosol cans.
- Outside food or drinks (including alcohol), except two factory-sealed water bottles
(up to 1 liter each)
- Skateboards, scooters or personal motorized vehicles
- Bicycles inside festival grounds (plenty of bike racks are available near the entrance)
- Carts, tents & chairs of any kind
- Pets (except service dogs)
- Professional recording (photo, video, audio) equipment (no detachable zoom
lens, tripods or other commercial equipment.

Where to Stay

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More to Do

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Transit Center West
220 Central Ave - Cincinnati, OH 45202
(Between Pete Rose Way and 3rd St.)
See the map.


If something still don't make sense
to you or you need to get a hold of us

Get Involved

Ubahn is now accepting vendor appli-
cations for inclusion in the festival.
Apply here until September 15! Con-

Ubahn is now accepting vendor applications for inclusion in the festival. Apply here until November 12! Contact food with questions.

Great events take great people. If you
like the music and want to get
involved by volunteering let us know